UKS Summer event: A mini-book a day

10th August, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’ve not already seen it, head on over to the UKScrappers Home Page , where the team are running a ‘mini-book a day’ even over the next two weeks of the summer holidays.

Cleo from Bellaboo had a fantastic squash book today, and we’re next, with Claire’s amazing beer mat family tree book…

You can get the full instructions in pdf format free on the UKS homepage tomorrow (Tues) and of course, complete it using up all your own stash, but we’ve put together a fab kit here with everything you need, and you can save over £3.50 off the individual products when you buy the kit!

So here are the pictures of Claire’s mini-book:







As a gift for her grandparents, Claire made this a ‘family tree’ so that as you flick through the beer mat pages, you go down the family to a final photo of the recipients, her lovely grandparents.

And so…. since the website is rather ‘buggy’ since the latest release and has decided to totally refuse to show enlarged pictures, I have to rely on this blog to do it for me…. I’ve taken two pictures of the kit available, one with a 7Gypsies paper pack, and the other with a Black Market Paper pack:



The beauty with this kit, is that you can choose ANY PAPER PACK you fancy from our range of 7Gypsies and Black Market Paper Society paper packs… (Claire has used Black Market Paper Society: Lucky’n’Love for her book) and again, as the website won’t play… here are the paper pack options:

7Gypsies: Gypsy Market

gypsy-market-pad7Gypsies: Savannah

savannah-paperSorry, but we can’t find any decent images of the Black Market packs at the moment, so I’ll photo some and upload them for you tomorrow… how anyone can manage without a website in the current times, I’ll never know!

Back soon….



  1. Sarah C said,

    This is so gorgeous and scrummy. Love it 😀 xxx

  2. Jimjams said,

    Fab mini book idea Claire – truly brilliant. I love everything about it! Just wish I had a BIA … birthday coming up though LOL!

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