Another Beer Mat Book

25th July, 2009 at 8:58 pm (Uncategorized)

beer mat bookHi there,

I see that Steph said that I had made some little flowers with the ” I cant believe they’re not Brads!!” so i thought i best put them on  a project and show them to you all. So here is a little Beer mat book made with some 8×8 papers and other bits and bobs, the small flowers on the cover are made by layering the paper brads (upside down!) and putting a candy dot in the centre.

I used the paint dabbers in shell pink and Juniper to paint the mats before covering with paper and embellishing. I used the bind-it-all and one of the new 1.1/4 bindings to bring it all together.  some of the pages are beer mats (only £1 for 12 in the shop ) and some are made with folded papers to make pockets so that you can add bits if you want to. to make the pocket page…

1. Take a 8×8 paper and fold in half Patten side in.

2. Fold one layer from the top edge down to the bottom edge, you should now have the patten of the paper showing the right way round.

3. Fold the page in half length ways, the raw edges will be on the left of the page and held together by the binding leaving the finished edge to be the right and a pocket in the page.


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