Design Team (DT) Call….

13th July, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to face facts that I just don’t have the time to run the shop and play with all the gorgeous stuff that surrounds me everyday *sigh* – so it’s time to look for some equally obsessed, addicted, creative, fun, quirky people

If you’re interested in applying for a position on our team, you’ll need to supply us with a little info, and show us 4 examples of your work.  The full details are as follows:

a)    Your name, address, and your ‘crafting bio’ – tell us what you’re about, why you craft, your style, your likes and dislikes – both crafting and generally.
b)    If you can, tell us some of your favourite products and manufacturers
c)    Send us photos of 4 projects, two of which MUST be scrapbook related.  The other two can be scrapbook related, or anything crafty.
d)    Would you prefer to work with Kits, or choose your own stash to play with.
e)    Your blog address and UKS username (if you have either of these)
f)      Tell us if you are on any other Design Teams (doesn’t make a difference, I’m just nosy and want to see plenty of peoples work!)

A place on the team will require VERY HARD WORK ( I know, it’s such a drag!) having fun with stash!! 🙂  This is what we will ask of our DT members:

a)    Be an active participant on UKScrappers, and preferably have your own well maintained blog
b)    Be able to post regularly (i.e. twice a week) on the Indigo Mill DT blog.  Your posts can be reviews, news, articles, LO’s, projects, tutorials, anything that you would like to share with your fellow crafters.
c)    Primarily be a Scrapbooker.  Even better if you do other crafts especially if these combine on your layouts, but our shop is primarily scrapbook supplies
d)    Not only keep up with latest trends, techniques and upcoming products, but to be seriously creative yourself and come up with your own ideas and techniques…. the more unusual the better!
e)    Keep to strict deadlines, and be easily contactable via online methods (i.e. e-mail and MSN)
f)      Be vocal in your ideas, opinions and suggestions of good products coming out, good ideas, interesting features for kits etc.
g)    MOST IMPORTANTLY – love playing with stash, have heaps of time to craft, be creative and be happy – it all shows in the work you create!

Although we can’t actually pay you for your time and help, this is what we will offer instead:

a)    Have the choice of either designing with upcoming kit releases, OR working with products of your choosing from our online shop
b)    Earn ‘points’ for the projects you do with us, kind of like a design team loyalty scheme… and points mean prizes!!
c)    Receive a discount on your orders from our online shop
d)    Receive a discount on Indigo Mill retreats
e)    If you would like to, have the opportunity to design your own kits, or classes for crops and retreats etc.
f)      Be invited to join us for DT day retreats when time allows!

If you wish to apply (after reading this essay!!) then send your application following the guidelines at the top to im-designteam(at) The closing date and time is 11.59pm (gmt) on 31st July 2009.  We will email those selected during the following week with an offer to join the team.  The team will officially be announced as soon after this as possible.

Good luck, we’re looking forward to seeing fresh talent in our inbox very soon!!  If you have any questions, please send them through to the application email above.

Steph x



  1. nat said,


    *busy scrapping*

    nat xxx

    ps. made a new bloogy thingy – it’s so cute!!


  2. Lisa Swift said,

    DT Call! I have to apply for this one!

  3. Heather said,

    ooo. Good luck finding a dt- loads of talent abound. Would love to apply but just haven’t the time to do it any more

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