Product focus: Stix2 Adhesive Texture Sheets: Canvas

19th May, 2009 at 8:12 pm (Product focus)

We found these amazing texture sheets when ordering some of our recent stock.  I thought they looked a pretty good idea, and then I used them….

…. WOW!….

…. it’s amazing.  I LOVE having my pictures put onto canvas, but have to do it so rarely because even from Next Directory, they can work out pretty expensive, I think the smallest and cheapest is about £30.  So to discover these little A4 sheets can add the canvas effect to my scrapbook pages??  I’m in total scrapping heaven!

You can print onto them, write on them, and I’ve used mine with both black and white and colour photos on my bog standard ink jet printer.  I’ve taken some close ups to show you just how well the photos come out.

IMG_2845Colour photo of me at my friends wedding in 2006

IMG_2843Colour photo, simply converted to black and white with desaturate tool (no playing about or anything) onto the canvas sheet.

If you print pretty standard size photos, then thats 4 photos with one pack (Each pack has 2 x A4 sheets in it) for less than £4 – BARGAIN!

You can visit the shop here if you’re looking to purchase, if you’re a canvas picture lover, then you’re not going to be disappointed!

Happy Shopping


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