Big is beautiful!

18th March, 2009 at 8:20 pm (Random mumblings)

Anyone who knows me / has visited my house will tell you about my ‘wall’….. basically, I scrapped it!  Well why not… we don’t just put our photos in dull albums as scrapbookers, so why just hang them on a wall??  All it takes is thinking BIG and oversize, i.e. a whole sheet of bazzill in place of a teeny bit!! lol

So, I couldn’t just stop at the living room wall (here is a piccie to remind you / so you can see it and a link to the original post)


And last night, I decided it was high time the bedroom wall had something done to it!  It’s been painted black and ready for action for several months, my ’embellishments’ are Christmas decorations which I bought in the garden centre’s half price sale after Christmas, the picture in the middle is a canvas from B&M home store, as is the flower screens down the left hand side.  I used 3 sheets of 12×12 bazzill behind the screens, a sheet of Little Yellow Bicycle paper cut into shape and in half for the right hand corners, and then doodled on the wall (Yes, thats right – STRAIGHT ONTO THE WALL – you can all such your breath in in horror!) and on the canvas with my galaxy markers.  

Waking up to it this morning with the sunlight glittering on all the sparkle was fantastic, and certainly made me smile first thing!

And I always get asked “What does your husband think about it” – well, he helped me do it!!!!  Well, he laid on the bed and ‘advised’ as only men can.  

Hmmmm……. I wonder whats next…… LOL


Steph x



  1. Rosemary Guthrie said,

    Looks FAB Steph.

    I’ve seen your living room IRL and it’s fantastic!


  2. Clare Bird said,

    Wow! that looks fantastic C x

  3. Cindy said,

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  4. Hannah said,

    WOW! I love it! Well done you!

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