{Finally, I} Love doing the Laundry

13th March, 2009 at 1:57 pm (Uncategorized)






are the beautiful Natural and Coastal papers from My Minds Eye ‘Laundry Line’ range.  Although they were released last Summer, I honestly cannot believe I haven’t seen them about a bit more.  I suppose because they are all glittered, they are at the top of the patterned paper acceptable price scale, which is why we decided to base our mini kits on them.

The first photo was taken in the sunshine this morning as I restocked them, they are so gorgeous and I loved how they were glittering and shining in the sun, that I just hadto take a picture.  If you’re considering a kit, take a look at this to convince you that you NEED ONE!

I decided we should (as we do with most of our kits) sell just the papers on their own, I know a lot of you out there have a bazzill stash, so maybe don’t need a kit with yet more cardstock in it, so hung up my own ‘laundry line’ of the papers to photograph.  I think I may actually leave them up there.

If you’re a ‘boy paper’ hunter, then these are fab, neutral coloured, but still pretty enough to play with!

You can find all of the kits here and don’t forget our special offer, that if you purchase 4 of the kits, you’ll get the 5th and final one free as well as free P&P!  Wow!


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  1. elaine said,

    looking absolutely awesome hung there Steph = truly gorgeous

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