A fab find

13th March, 2009 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Nipped into Boots last night – was politely told by my friend that she ‘needs to dye my hair as my roots are terrible’ (not so bad cos I’m dark haired, so it’s not as bad as you imagine) – well at least she also managed to acknowledge that the hairdresser did a good job.

Anyway… I digress….

I nipped into boots, and went to get a bottle of juice, and found these cute little ‘lunch bags’ hanging with the sandwiches for a bargain of £1!!!!

130309-004-816-x-612I’m going to buy a couple to start organising my embellishments / projects I’m working on, so I can just grab and go.  I’m pretty sure one would be great for all my pens / tools, bought myself an Amy Butler tool bag, but surprise surprise there are a few bits and bobs I just can’t get in there!

Thought I’d share with people

S x


1 Comment

  1. deanne said,

    wow i love that, i’m gonna go see if our boots have them 🙂 x

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