JBS White Bean Kit (don’t look Nicola)

22nd February, 2009 at 11:52 pm (Product focus)

Firstly, if you’re Nicola, turn back now and don’t look!!! LOL



Here’s a LO I created with our White Bean Soup kit.  When I saw the frogs on the cold water paper I just had to use them to scrap the ‘frog incident’ from Indigo Mill’s October retreat!

Thanks to – Claire for the lilypad shape (my mind completely blanked as to what they look like!) and to Christina for the pun title!! lol

I started it at Dabblers Friday before last, but was too busy chattering and catching up to finish it, so finished it on the bed in the hotel at the NEC! LOL  Not the easiest place Ive ever scrapped… but I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

(Sorry nicola, had to do it!)

S x



  1. Kirsty Brown said,

    Ha ha ha I remember the incident well!!!!

  2. Nicola said,

    OMG Steph that is so funny !! thanks for sharing my ‘terrifying’ and embarassing moment !! LOL – nice LO although i can’t look too closley !!

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