Fascinator class

20th February, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Uncategorized)

In between stroking and sniffing paper and gorgeous beads and jewellery at the weekend at Stitches, we managed to fit in a few classes as well by the companies exhibiting at the show.

My favourite was most definitely the class we did with a company called MW & More in which we made our own feather fascinator from scratch.  It was fab.  I always wear my own on special occasions, my last one cost me around £15+ in Debenhams, and if I’d known I could make my own so easily, I would have done!

And so from only 5 ‘ingredients’ here is my beautiful turquoise goose feather fascinator



It was fiddly, and it did take a bit of time (hence the reason one of the extremely rude NEC class organisers came in and told the company to hurry up and get finished!) and if you get a black kit then you’re in trouble as they are the hardest colour feathers to work with  (or if you’re left handed, and the person who always gets glitter over them as you’re not the most delicate of persons – Claire!! lol) but I absolutely LOVED it!

My second favourite class was Melt Art Jewellery Making with Suze Weinberg from Ranger Industries (on behalf of Personal Impressions) I had no idea what I was going in to do, but playing with the melting pot, my eyes opened to a whole new world of crafting!!  We made rings using molds already made by Suze before of little statue faces, using black UTEE in the pot, and then perfect pearls, metallic mixatives and stickles to fill the gaps.

I LOVE learning new things, and now have a new obsession – Ranger Industries!  I’ve always passed it by because of the ‘dull’ looking packaging and because I thought it was too heritage and grungey, but actually, you can do ANYTHING with their products.  So watch out for them coming to the shop very soon!


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  1. claire said,

    i have to keep hidding mine as the cat keeps trying to eat it… thinks its a bird!!!!

    i did get in a mess with the fethers and glue..LOL

    and i think i looked a bit over dressed when i walked in the pub monday night when i got home… it was the bet way to travle with it save it getting squashed in the case!!!

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