American Crafts cardstock

20th February, 2009 at 7:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Not sure if you will have come across this yet, but I have recently found (and started to stock) the amazing American Crafts cardstock.

Cardstock forms the base of ALL my layouts, it’s always what I start with, and usually it’s canvas texture bazzill, which I love, but also drives me potty if I’m stamping, or when I journal on it, as it’s just too bumpy and so I usually use the back, but I love the texture.

So have a look at this – it has a fantastic texture on it (see the close up) but it ISN’T raised like the Bazzill!  It’s amazing, and sooooo much cheaper than bazzill.  In fact you can pick up 15 sheets in the shop at the moment for only £4!!


How gorgeous?  This is a close up of the neutral cardstock, 15 sheets for £4, only 27 p per sheet!!!

And here are all 15 colours….


For the price, you can’t lose anything by giving it a try!  I’m totally in love with it, and the sooner we can get all 75 colours into stock, the better!!!


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