**NEW** New Jillibean Soup stock is now online!!

9th February, 2009 at 10:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, we had the delivery a couple weeks back, and it’s been sitting here smelling gorgeous, but FINALLY we have the new Jillibean Soup kits on sale in the shop.  These are absolutely scrumptious new ranges, plus they are now double sided, so even better value than before!  Let’s take a look…..

Minestrone:  A complete multi-colour and pattern heaven… every time I look at the papers I see something new and think of new things to do with it…

Here’s the front sides of the Minestrone papers – and the rest of the kit contents.  The multi colour of the papers has meant we can go bold and bright with the Bazzill!

and here’s ‘side-b’ of the papers – look at those fantastic journal aids!!


And the White Bean range – really bold colour combo of green, white, black and yellow, very fresh and very springlike.  I was sure that this was going to be my second favourite of the two ranges, but I have to say after playing with it yesterday, this looks like it may just be my favourite one!!  Check out those froggies


and the ‘b-sides’  I think the green ‘tartan’ is one of my favourites (and definitely Nat’s favourite!)


But if that isn’t enough, you won’t believe the price of the kits…. Minestrone is an amazing £12, and White Bean, an amazing £11.  Of course, if you don’t want everything we’ve lovingly put in the kits, then you can pick up just the patterned papers, or even the Bazzill if you want to try a colour combo you might not have thought of.  


You can also buy the Journal Sprouts and the Alphabeans from the Cream of Mushroom kit in the Recommended Extras section



  1. naniree2 said,

    love these papers hope I have some saved for me !!!!

  2. Karen said,

    These are brilliant colours and have already ordered!!!! So looking forward to playing with these X

  3. Nicola said,

    Lovely papers – apart from the frog one !! (do you remember my ‘frog’ episode at the retreat) LOL

  4. Stephanie Parsloe said,

    Hahaha – how could I forget!!! Ahhhh, those poor cute little things, I hadn’t thought about that! Don’t order that kit then, will you!

    Steph x

  5. Rosie said,

    Oh Nicola, I remember the frog incident – I have the photo of Claire and said froggie!!!!

    The papers do look scrummy!!!

  6. Nicola said,

    LOL – I can’t even look at pictures of them !!

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