Closed for Refurbishment

4th January, 2009 at 11:26 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’ve visited the shop this week, you may be surprised to see a great big ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ sign up!

Fear not, we will return soon with an updated website, product list, and the launch of our new Kits, including a very exclusive kit using products from a *brand new, never sold before in the UK* US manufacturer.

We’ll be popping some more sneaks on here soon, but there’s more painting and decorating to do in the virtual world.

Watch this space!



  1. jackie said,

    hi steph

    my order arrived yesterday thanx, will be makking good use of them soon, see u at the crop on sat.

    lol jackie x

  2. Lesley said,

    looking forward to seeing it – trust me to miss the SALE lol

  3. Leanne said,

    Hi, and Happy New Year!
    My parcel arrived yesterday – thanks for the substitutions etc. all gorgeous, and the flocked ribbons are so… there’s a good word but I can’t think of it right now šŸ˜€
    Please open the shop up soon, am itching to sub to a kit, and buy lots of things, and will you please run a discount scheme or loyalty stamps or something so that I can placate DH?
    He was tickled by your comment about meeting him in a dark alley, as really he’s soft as a marshmallow! Don’t think he minds the stash so much as the fact that the house is covered in pizza boxes with ‘disappointing’ contents…
    Anyway, will let you get back to virtual glossing, speak soon, L x

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