Crate Prudence

6th December, 2008 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

This lay out seamed to take forever!!

Those of you that know me know that i don’t do journaling…LOL so maybe this is why it took so long. i broke from my no journaling position for this page as the lady featured has such an amazing life story to tell, because of this i made some extra space to record a few of her thoughts that were reported in an interview in the local paper in 1926 when she was 85 years old.

have you seen lollipop flowers that seem to be all the rage at the mo, well they are so expensive!!!! being a bit tight i just made my own from the scraps and this meant that the matched the paper perfectly.x

well i hope you like the page and it inspires you all to dust of the boxes of old picks and have a go at recording some of your family history …happy hunting xx









  1. Rosie said,

    This LO is gorgeous!! What a tribute to such a wonderful lady!

  2. Jane said,

    WOW Gorgeous!

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