All day crop this Saturday

29th October, 2008 at 4:56 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s Indigo Mill’s all day crop this Saturday 1st November.

At Mickleover Community Centre (plenty of free parking) from 10am-6pm £10 for the full day, or £6 per half day (10-2 or 2-6)
We are doing a class which is a cross between a Xmas Card, Mini Book and Scrapbook layout all in one.  Saves time this Christmas!! 🙂
If you are interested in joining us, then pop along on Saturday with your stash and projects to work on, or drop us a line and we’ll book you a space.  
Steph x

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UKS Sept / Oct Sponsor Challenge

29th October, 2008 at 4:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Having recently sponsored UKScrappers, I was having a nose around and found the sponsors challenge forum.  It was looking a bit lost and lonely as no-one had posted for a good few months, so I decided to revive it.

Our first challenge was to show nifty ways of using acrylic paint on a layout, as well as using more than 3 alphabets too 
We had some absolutely fab entries, which I just couldn’t judge by myself, so I gave hubby the challenge and the entries and asked him which met the challenge best.
Our winner was Shirley Yow over in Singapore, with the lovely Scrappy Cats’ Hilary a close runner up.  Both have had their prize goodies shipped to them, and are hopefully spending half term playing with them!
And here they are…..
Well done girls, great work!
Why not check out our latest challenge over on the Sponsor challenge forum.  It’s pretty mean!
Steph x

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Beautiful paper….

20th October, 2008 at 9:09 pm (Uncategorized)

We have finally come into posession of some GORGEOUS papers here at Indigo Mill, in the form of the brand new Crate Paper offerings, Mia, Prudence and Lemongrass.  And let me tell you they are absolutely gorgeous.  They look amazing, and have the usual expensive Crate Paper feel, kind of like cartridge paper / watercolour paper as well as a beautiful pattern on one side, and co-ordinating colour on the other.  

And lets not forget some of their other stunning collections.  We also have in stock collection packs in Sweet Branch and Blue Hill.  A far cry from my usual girly girl likes, I absolutely can’t fault anything of Crates in the last years releases…. look forward to Winter 09 CHA!
*Swoooooon* I’m in total luscious stroking sniffing heaven (don’t worry, thats only my stash, and not the shop stash!! lol)

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20th October, 2008 at 8:26 pm (Uncategorized)

Ahhhhhh, the retreat… already a week gone, and it feels like a distant memory, but what fun memories they are.

Many disasters, many laughs, giggles, bottles of wine, and hot-tubbing!
We arrived Friday with a mission to unpack, and jump in the hot tub.  Shop took me HOURS to set up, can’t believe there is so much stuff (and 4 carfuls too!) if mum hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have eaten till 2am, and then the hot tub was closed on Fridays!! aaahhhhh  Also discovered just how much stash 26 scrapbookers bring to a retreat, and that the space wasn’t big enough! lol
I think we all managed to muck in together and get things going, lots of laughs and fun all round, the shop was ‘dented’ shall we say – thanks ladies, means I can get new goodies in now!
Definitely had some ‘moments’ during the course of the retreat…. 
The ‘frog’ (enough said there just in case Nicola reads this!)
The bum picture
The charlies angels picture and running round in the garden in our swimsuits
The light exploding
The Garlic Baguette picture
And all the smutty and filty talk that you can’t say in front of the kids!!
I’m sure someone did some scrapping over the weekend!!  lol!  It wasn’t me, I didn’t do anything but glue down a piece of paper!
The winners of our fantastic challenges were Nicola for the cardstock only challenge with her fantastic Robot layout, Elaine for the ‘everyday’ LO with the layout of her son’s baked bean challenge and the superstar winner of the name badge was Pat, who altered a cotton bud case into a fabulous shaker name badge with flourescent tulle around it!
I really did have the most fantastic time, for a first ever run and visited retreat, there were niggle which we will iron out for the next retreat (and there will be several next year now, I loved it that much!) and hope to see new and old faces alike at them!
If you’d like to see any piccies, I haven’t got them on this PC, but pop across to Rosies blog, Mums blog, Claires blog and there are some on there.  Or on our UKS social group if you can find it!
I’ll put them all on a picasa album to link to here as soon as I’m on the other ‘pooter.
Loves you girlies, had the best time, and can’t wait to see you all again!
Steph x

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