Inspiration – Scrumptious Kit (sewing kit)

2nd August, 2008 at 6:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I LOVE sewing, and stitching on layouts, it’s fab! Didn’t have a machine with me at the crop today so had to do all mine by hand. Mum found me these fab piccies of Maddy stuffing her face with chocolate bicces. Couldn’t choose between the three of them and they were just so similar that I had to use all three. When I lined them up, they actually looked pretty fab like that! So I added a strip of the scrumptious creme brulee paper, a panel of the darker purple bazzill bling, and added some hand stitched zig zags along the edges. I stitched in a couple of the beads to the zig zag (I love these beautiful glass millefiori beads, they are so beautiful and delicate. Thats serious craftsmanship) then cut the title from the Green Apple paper, mixed with the alphabet stickers. For once, I didn’t think I needed to write loads, as the pictures tell most of it, so a quick couple of lines down the RHS strip, and there you have it. As beautiful as my little angel. The princess on the bottom photo is also hand stitched, using a Bazzill stitches guide. Why don’t you give stitching a go, it’s honestly not as hard as you would imagine, and just looks so gorgeous!


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