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17th July, 2008 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh… these ‘techies’ hey? There is no more threatening to take away computer games, music, gadgets etc that I can do… I just have to wait *patiently* for the shop part of the site to be up and running. Anyone who knows me will know that I just don’t ‘do’ patient.


You want to order a kit (Of course you do, thats a stupid question) so how do you go about it?

Well… when the magical website pixies kick the geeks into gear, ordering on the shop site will be via Paypal, Google Checkout or Personal Cheque – Paypal doesn’t require you to set up an account, you can do a one off transaction with them, whereas Google Checkout requires a Google account, but has a lot of advantages to this. Cheques are… cheques. As always, goods will be despatched when payment has cleared.

By using these checkout options, we never see your card details, we just receive the monies and notification of payment.

The other advantage is that whilst the shopping cart is waiting, I can manually work the Paypal and Google system until then.

So – if you want to order a kit, for the time being just contact us and we will send you an invoice to allow you to pay for your order and get your goodies! Don’t forget to check out the delivery costs on the website, and tell us exactly what fabby kits you want to order!


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