Kit focus – All about albums

13th July, 2008 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)

When you first start scrapbooking, the idea of working in 12×12 can be very daunting, so here is Indigo Mill’s fantastic answer to this. 4 different size albums. Start small with the 4×4 album, and work your way up to 12×12. By the time you reach it you’ll be hooked, and probably only ever work in 12×12 format from then on! (Purely because you can get more of the good stuff on a bigger sheet!) With many 12×12 albums retailing at a minimum of £15, this really is such a good value kit!


1 of each of the following sizes of All My Memories Urban Albums: 12×12, 8×8, 6×6 & 4×4 – choose from Blue, Black, Red, Green & Pink (depending on stock levels)

Cost – £50
See delivery prices here
Order at our online shop, or contact us for payment by Paypal / Google checkout / Cheque


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