Inspiration – Miss Fit

12th July, 2008 at 11:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I just absolutely love this paper from Dream Street in their Miss{Fit} range.

Birds and trees are very ‘in’ at the moment, but as I’m a total ‘do what I want’ person this isn’t why I absolutely love the paper, I love it for what it represents to me, my family tree, my growth in life.

I couldn’t bring myself to cover it over with a picture, so instead I decided to do a ‘journalling’ page in my album. The pink mat behind the tree paper is the reverse side of the paper, I loved both sides and had to use them in some way on the whole layout. Combined with backing them onto the pale yellow bazzill cardstock, and the grasshopper green bazzill peeking out behind the blue sky, makes for a pretty stunning and colourful layout. The grasshopper card pulls out, and is a large tag for my journalling, which is pretty honest and forthright, and so needs to be hidden. I don’t very often hide my journalling, but this is pretty personal stuff to me.

Had to get as many lovely flowers on as I could. So I glued them all up the side of the paper as a ‘frame’ and to follow the tree ‘growth’ picture, the flowers are essentially ‘growing’ up the side of the paper. The centres are filled with the pink and purple Doodlebug flock, and I’ve stapled some concertina’d pink paper to the right hand side, making this a very touchable page. To make up for the lack of photos!!

And there’s still two Miss Fit Papers and a whole host of cardstock, ribbon, flock etc still to use… watch this space!


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