Inspiration – Clippy Chick Kit

2nd July, 2008 at 10:18 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’re anything like the majority of the team here, your head is completely full of ‘pretties’ (and I don’t mean the flying monkey kind from Wizard of Oz) and papers and glue and scissors. It tends to accidentally misplace for a short amount of time (read; lose) the important things in life, such as feeding the family, having a shower, sleeping, doctors, dentists etc etc. Of course, the best remedy for this that we could come up with had to be something scrappy that could help, and here it is

The clippy chick kit – everything you need to customize and make your own clipboard, for keeping track of your important things

I’ve covered the clipboard in the main sunshine lollipop paper, using the bottom detail strip as a border on the left and a strip of the pattern on the back for the right border. Made a pocket out of the same paper with a panel of the reverse patter and torn blue paper for the title, and popped the record cards in it, so they are always handy to jot something down on. Glued the bulldog clip to the top, added a few of the lovely fruity stickers, and there we have it – My finished clipboard, at present complete with inspirational quote and something I really must look up on the net.

How could you miss that up on the wall????


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