Inspiration – Bouncing Boy

24th June, 2008 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Bouncing Boy Kit – layout 1
My ‘simple’ page, for maximum effect. Simply showing my baby boy and I, a few details, and a little quote I found on the internet. The torn strips of paper help the eye to flow from top corner down to bottom corner and so straight to the photo.

Bouncing Boy Kit – Layout 2
This is very unlike me, normally I’m a straight layered kinda gal!, All my mats are usually square on and same size all round, but I loved all the patterned papers in this kit and wanted to use them all together.
The filmstrip is fantastic for those little cheeky photos you have that just have to be on a layout, and although I have broken the ‘odd numbers are best’ rule (after all rules are made to be broken) I still think it looks good! I’ve followed the printed line on the glitter paper using strips of the other patterned papers and the ribbon at the bottom. And the angles of the papers behind make your eye ‘curve’ from the title round to the pictures, then to the journalling (using a Stampin Up! stamp set…. lush!)
Hmmm – the title. Especially proud of that one, freehand drawn and cut(!) and then I’ve used ‘crackle accents’ over the top, love it. It’s crackled, shiny and the colour has bled slightly. Fab!!



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